If a picture is worth more than a thousand words, do I really need to say anything else once I’ve posted the real me, without anything to hide?

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that I want you to look at me for what I am, a hot shemale who likes to have fun, whether it’s solo or in the company of a handsome friend, doesn’t matter. All that matters it that you enjoy what you are doing and I loooove being a cute bimbo!

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tn-paula-melo-get-barebacked-01 tn-paula-melo-get-barebacked-02

tn-paula-melo-get-barebacked-03 tn-paula-melo-get-barebacked-04

I am a friendly shemale, to the point where I don’t mind having to get barebacked by my lover as long as he has his fun; besides, it feels really good to feel him cumming inside my tight ass once he’s done pounding it!

But my handsome stud is not the only one that gets a treat from me, not by far, why? Because you get to see a sexy video and a bunch of crystal-clear pics of the way the two of us got busy with each other’s cocks!

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I might look like a cute little dolly in my silky stockings, but once I go into over-drive, my horny TS instincts kick in and I can’t help but to behave as a kinky little slut and show off my perfect body for the camera.

If you think my face looks a bit off that’s because I was getting ready for some fun…I just lose myself in my own lust and can’t think of nothing but being sucked and fucked by my lover as we work towards a hard orgasm together!

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Brazilian women are known all over the world for having big and juicy butts and I can’t let myself be an exception from that rule! It might be true that I have cultivated a sexy petite image due to my slim frame, but you can see that I got quite the nice rump once my back is facing the camera and my pants are down!

This just goes to show ya that whenever you deal with TS bitches, you should never let looks fool you; you just never know what other surprise you’ll be getting next!

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 pantyhose-paula-melo-01    pantyhose-paula-melo-04

This set is one of my favorites, not only because I got to fuck my lovely stud but also because we had lots and lots of fun putting it together, as if you couldn’t tell by the first silly picture of the set!

Our fun soon gave way to passion as he tore open my pantyhose and shoved his cock right in my ass, but not before he ate me out so I would get wet! If you wonder where that pic is then just take a look at the video we posted to go alongside the gallery.

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Not all of my pictures have to show off my cock, now do they? You know what other part of my body is sexy enough to catch the attention of my fans and horny men all over the world? My deep blue eyes; so go ahead and take a good look at this head-shot featuring one of my favorite looks, because this serves as proof that you can be beautiful even when you aren’t being a naughty girl!

Don’t look too deeply, though, or you might find yourself falling madly in love with me!

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Here is a new look for you all, what’s changed, you ask? Well if you said that then you are not a real fan! It’s quite obvious that I’m sporting a nice tan as you can see my tits have a sexy tan-line going down the middle of them, but let’s not linger on that and focus on something I know you will like.

Just follow my eyes until you find my cock and take a nice good look at how I hold it and play with it for you! Don’t be shy now, I know you want to look

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What better way to introduce myself to the world as the sexy tgirl that I am than by posing seductively? Now, I know that my cock isn’t showing, but that’s part of the charm of this picture and the reason why I picked it to be here; it’s just alluring to tease by keeping something hidden in plain sight!

I know it might seem mean, but trust me when I say that there’s plenty more to see of my cute body and kinky personality!

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